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Photos and a video of the Christmas Parade have been posted HERE.

The park History has been posted HERE.  Check it out.  If you have any items or documents that we could add please send them to:

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Park History

Bill Murphy has been working on a history of Forest Park.  It can be viewed at:

Any corrections or additions would be greatly appreciated.

Bill can be contacted at:

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Break In Update
We have been able to pick up video and still shots from our camera’s archives for November 13th at around 11:30 pm of a man and woman entering Forest Park. We have them coming in and around 30 minutes later, the man is riding a three wheel bike out with a coat over his head and a little behind is the woman walking out. We have a pretty good face shot of the woman leaving and hopefully it will help the sheriff key in on her and from her get an identification of the man. We also have video of a man riding a bike in at 2:19 am on Thursday morning and leaving with a TV under his arm riding the bike at 3:03 am. All of these have been turned over to the Sheriff and we have been in direct contact with two detectives working the case. We are hopeful that our pictures will help in apprehending the culprit (s).
I am really sold on the cameras now , the system is great. With some tweaking with placement and upgrading of the front entrance cameras resolution, we should be able to get facial features at night better and even license numbers.
We of course need to thank all those involved in security and strongly urge greater participation so that we can have broader patrol coverage. We also plan to have greater real time monitoring of the cameras from selected home computers and morning review of the activity of the previous night.
Nothing is 100% certain in preventing crime but every bit helps.
I feel that these break in’s are from one to three persons perhaps working together and certainly known to each other. Once they are apprehended, I feel that we will return to the relative security we have enjoyed in the past. And if it becomes known that our surveillance system helped in the apprehension, the bad guys will be reluctant to tackle Forest Park.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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Hi everyone,

I would like to update you on two important issues which the Board has recently considered and acted on:

As you may have heard, “sink holes” have been developing in and around the Mini Golf Course.  The Board of Directors has met twice by phone conference to discuss this situation. In July, the Board approved having the area cleared of gravel and the plastic covering in order to  determined the number and location of the holes.  It was found that there were several holes and depressions, some up to 10 feet in depth.  Apparently, when the sewage disposal plant was vacated and demolished several years ago, organic and other materials were used to fill in the remaining depression.  Now, it seems, the organic material has rotted and the dirt has filled in the voids causing the holes to develop.
In order to prevent further deterioration, we have had estimates in the $100,000 range to remove existing fill to a depth of approximately 10 feet, and fill it back with the proper type of material.  The Board did not want to approve anything approaching that expense without membership approval, unless of course it is an emergency. So, as a temporary measure, we have roped off the area with warning tape and dirt will be brought in to fill the holes and eliminate the existing hazards.  At the next membership meeting with a quorum (expected in November) we will have evaluated the effectiveness of this temporary fix.  If additional actions are needed, options will be presented for the membership to consider.  In the mean time the Mini Golf Course will be closed .

2. 855 Hollyberry
We have acquired ownership of this house and property.  As you may recall, we spent $2000 to have it cleaned out after the death of the owner.  The Board, at our meeting on Thursday ( August 23 ), considered the options of having the property repaired to marketable condition, for an estimated cost of  $26,000, or to accept a verbal offer of $15,000 for the house and property, as is.  The Board decided to counter the offer with a price of $17,000 which we have done and are awaiting the response.  If this counter offer is rejected the property will be  listed for sale at a slightly higher price.  It appears from discussions with a local Realtor, that we should, in any case, be able to recoup our “investment” and perhaps some profit.
As you will remember, the purpose of purchasing the property was to gain control and stop further deterioration of the property.  If we make a profit, so much the better.  This was an unusual case which allowed us, through the efforts of our real estate attorney, to obtain the property at a very reasonable price.  While we don’t want or expect to get involved in “the real estate business”, we will be reviewing similar cases with our Preservation Committee, the Board, and Membership, to do whatever is feasible, to maintain the good appearance of the Forest Park community.

I will keep you informed through this “blog” of any further developments on the above or anything new which comes up.

Best regards to all, Bob


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Powell Creek Preserve

Click here to see the latest article on what’s going on at the preserve next door.

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Shed Remodel

I was hoping that the work on the shed would be nearly finished by today, but, such was not to be.

Bob Dickerson asked that I take pictures for the website. They are attached to show where it stands today.

We will have to follow up later to capture the last 10% of finished product which will really add to the beauty of this job. These include the obvious downspouts & gutters plus light fixtures, and concrete slabs in front of the doors. Numerous folks have stopped by to say how nice the building looks even while it was under only partial completion.

For those who would question the roof. it was decided that the roof still had usable life & that it would be replaced when it’s time does come.

Simple thanks cannot fully express the gratitude of our FP community for the untiring efforts of Don Brooks, Nick Emery & Ron Moon in completing this project. We are fortunate to have such experts who are willing to devote their time to our Park. Good job, guys!  And, thank you very much!

Bob Lang

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News Update

Update from Forest Park:
- Josie Clanton , Betty Campbell’s sister had a fire in her house yesterday while she was out. It apparently started in the dishwasher. There is extensive damage but thankfully no one was injured.
- Mary Diaz’s father is seriously ill so Mary has needed to take some time off to be with him and her mother. She was here Thursday and Friday. Wanda and I covered the office with reduced hours, 10-12, Monday through Wednesday. Jonie Emery and her cousin Diane have volunteered to help out as needed, both have extensive office experience. Becky has also volunteered, but with Mary just a phone call away, this is an opportunity for Jonie and Diane to gain familiarity with the office procedure.
- The FPPOA Meeting Thursday was well attended for this time of year with 56 in attendance. We did not have a quorum but then we did not have any business to vote on. We had a good informational meeting and were out the doors by 7:55. Now why can’t our regular meetings go that fast.
- The maintenance shed remodeling is going well with Don Brooks and Ron Moon running the show with help from several other volunteers. Doors and windows are in and they are ready to start the siding. It will look like a new shed when complete. The rubber made shed which was at the side, has been moved to the RV area.
- The Dickerson’s (me, Izzy and Wanda) departure has been delayed for a week or so since we discovered another water leak. I contracted with AMS this morning for a new roof so we will stay until it is completed. ( Did anyone notice that I listed Izzy before Wanda?)
- It is rainy today after a hard rain Thursday night. But overcast rainy days are nice once in awhile.
- For those who went back a couple of weeks ago, the rip rap on the bank by the activity building is complete. Good job was done and it looks much better. Also Richard Taylor and volunteers have completed the circle at Peace Lake with filler and sealer. That removed a tripping hazard and it looks so much better.
- “No pets in picnic area” signs have been re-installed at Peace Lake , this time in concrete.
Well, so much for now.

Everyone take care. I will blog more as things come up.

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Don’t forget the Membership Meeting 4-19 at 7PM

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Saint Patricks Parade

You can see the pictures HERE.

You can see the video HERE

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Gospel Karaoke

Check out the new video HERE.

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